Arrest Attention…Be visible where it matters the most!

Over 15 plus airports, partnerships with Airport Authority of India, and GMR, have given Atin OOH an unmatched presence in the realms of airport advertising. We present transformational airport advertising solutions that allow your brand to linger on the minds of key decision makers. Etch your brand values on the audience with powerful spaces and get maximum cognitive fluency!

Brands and branding campaigns need the right audience to create value and relay the brand’s story. For this reason, airport advertising has become an integral part of the advertising and branding strategy for many large and small companies as the mélange of audience it houses is immense.

Decision makers who make up a percentage of both leisure and business travellers, are highly attuned to the environment through which information is provided – and airports offer the perfect ground for your brand to create an emotional connection with them. Proper placement of your campaign, ensures this.

There is always a race to procure the perfect space which allows your brand’s message to stand out, and Atin OOH provides you with just that!

Airport Lounge Advertising

Atin OOH's airport lounge advertising solutions help you optimize your advertising campaigns making your brand highly visible. With the usage of special displays, like digital displays, backlit displays, billboards, scrollers, banners, wall wraps, window clings, and 3D displays at airport lounges, you can effectively command the attention of airline travellers. Create a powerful image for your brand and engrain its values into the minds of the visitors.

The lounge of an airport is its heart, and this is where millions of passengers are, daily. This is where your brand gets its connection with the people that matter.

Get Atin OOH for innovative airport lounge advertising solutions!

Product Branding
Newspaper Jackets
Mobile Chargers
Sampling Sampling
Sampling, by way of placing your products in the hands of your customers, gives them a firsthand experience of the products. There is a wide range of sampling that can be done across lounges including brochures, eatables, cooked items, grains etc.
Product Branding Product Branding
Since your product can be displayed inside the lounges, product branding offers high visibility. Products can also be mounted on a small podium with an LCD continuously playing different TVCs.
Newspaper Jackets Newspaper Jackets
All newspapers in the lounge are wrapped in a jacket that can be branded on all four sides. These jackets will carry a full page advertisement. Passengers reaching out for newspapers cannot miss the advertisement displayed.
Mobile Chargers Mobile Chargers
Mobile Chargers are located in the seating area where the highest numbers of business travelers wait to travel. These charging units can be placed at strategic locations showcasing your advertisement on a backlit screen. These units can also have LED screens in the front with various entertainment & advertising options. The shape can also be customized to suit your products or brand.

Airport Media Venues

With Atinooh, you can now reach a diverse audience of airline travelers throughout their journeys. Reach topnotch audience and audience that matter to your brand with Atinooh airport media venue solutions. With a wide range of innovative and experiential displays set at vantage points, your brand is never obscure!

Get commanding attention and elevate the status of your brand with our influencing campaigns in over 15 plus airports! Atinooh provides you a wide array of solutions to choose from. Make your a brand a name to reckon with!

Taramac Coaches
Boarding Pass
Queue Managers
Airport Luggage & Shopping Trolleys
Security Trays
Backlit Single & Double Sided Medians
Time and Temperature Hoarding
Tarmac Coaches Tarmac Coaches
Panels and grab handles are branded to create enhanced visibility. Tarmac coaches offer large format advertising and are an excellent way to reach passengers while they travel between the aircraft and terminal building.
Boarding Pass Boarding Pass
They are perfect to cover all the passengers of an airline. Extremely popular across the world, they are available at extremely low cost per contact. They are cost effective, efficient, and personalized.
Baggage tags Baggage tags
Another media that covers all the passengers of an airline is the baggage tag. Baggage tags can be customized in the shape of your product / brand. With two minimum touch points at the check-in and security check, these tags are personally tied by the passengers on their bags and passengers retain the tags on their hand baggage for a considerable amount of time. They are removed personally by the passenger on reaching their destination.
Aerobridges Aerobridges

This media ensures 100% visibility of all arriving and departing passengers by offering multiple, cost effective branding options across all aerobridges and bus gates. Multiple branding/wrapping packages can be chosen from with different branding elements like:

  • Exterior arm wrapping
  • Interior glass wrapping
  • Roof suspended head-on sites
  • Wall cladding inside the aerobridge
  • Wall wraps
  • Roof suspended danglers
Planters Planters
Planters are an excellent medium to showcase your brand through strategically placement of different sizes at various locations across various airports. Present all across the airport covering all departures and arrivals, domestic & international, they provide 100% visibility. They are also seen at multiple touch points such as check-in hall, security check, aerobridges, bus gates, arrival hall at both international and domestic terminals.
Queue Managers Queue Managers
Queue Managers are used to manage the long queues at the check-in counters, the security hold area and also at the boarding gates. Repeated visibility insures 100% recall. The poles can be wrapped while the straps are branded.
Airport Luggage & Shopping Trolleys Airport Luggage & Shopping Trolleys
Airport baggage trolleys are a mobile advertising medium that have presence at all the terminals of the airport. Baggage trolleys are visible inside and outside the departure and arrival terminals. They are also visible in the parking lot of the airport and are used by 90% of the passengers. Advertising here is economical & is a multipoint advertising medium.
Security trays Security trays
Security trays are found at the security check right after the check-in counters in both the domestic and international departure terminals. Every passenger has to go through this check in order to board their flights. These trays are kept at the security check counters for passengers to keep their belongings like mobile phones, wallet, laptop, etc. so they can be screened. These trays can be branded with your logo & message from inside as well as outside. Every passenger comes in contact with these trays twice hence doubling the chances of the brand being noticed.
Backlit Single & Double Sided Medians Backlit Single & Double Sided Medians
Backlit double-sided and single-sided medians are placed on both sides of the entry & exit road. They are also placed in front of the terminal building targeting all arriving & departing passengers offering great scope for advertising.
Time and Temperature Hoarding Time and Temperature Hoarding
Placed at a strategic high traffic location, this ensures maximum visibility & recall. Head-on hoarding is prominently visible to domestic & international passengers. The presence of time & temperature section on the bottom enhances visibility attracting more onlookers.